A History of Scotland

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  • A History of Scotland.

    Brilliant storytelling and BAFTA-winning cinematography give you a stunning, panoramic look at Scotland's turbulent and inspiring history. Follow the battles and political and religious conflicts that shaped this unique nation, and meet the men and women who played vital roles. 1 hours on 4 Discs. SDH.

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    The Last of the Free
    Neil Oliver reveals the mystery of how the Gaelic Scottish Kingdom - Alba - was born.

    Hammers of the Scots
    Neil Oliver charts the story of the two men who helped transform Alba into Scotland.

    Bishop Makes King
    Neil Oliver explores the role the church played in promoting the cause of Robert Bruce.

    Language is Power
    Neil Oliver reveals the story behind the infamous Highland/Lowland divide.

    Project Britain
    The tale of two ancient enemies who set aside their differences to form Great Britain.. Neil Oliver... Himself - Presenter (10 episodes, 2008-2009)