800 Words: Season 3, Part 2 ONLY 4 REMAINING!

  • Australian newspaper columnist George Turner (Erik Thomson, Packed to the Rafters) and his family have settled into their lives in New Zealand, but things are far from calm in their small coastal town. Following the wedding of his friend Woody (Rick Donald, A Place to Call Home), George begins dating someone new, providing endless fodder for the gossiping townsfolk. George’s teenagers face their own relationship issues as Shay (Melina Vidler) tries to get over her messy breakup and Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony) becomes romantically involved with two girls at once.

    Episode 9

    As the citizens of Weld speculate about who George accompanied home after Woody and Tracey's wedding, George discusses his love life with a vision of Laura. Arlo tries to figure out what he did to make Lindsay lash out at him.

    Episode 10

    George and Katie worry that their new relationship will hurt Fiona's feelings, but Fiona is upset for other reasons. Shay and Siouxsie join the fire-brigade boot camp, and Hannah helps an unwilling Tom with his police physical assessment.

    Episode 11

    George and Katie plan their first vacation together, but instead of a romantic getaway, they end up on a crowded camping trip in winter. As George competes with Katie's ex, Zac, Shay unexpectedly runs into Ike's new girlfriend.

    Episode 12

    Arlo struggles to break up with Lindsay, despite already beginning a new relationship with Poppy, a situation that makes Arlo's friend Billy uncomfortable. Big Mac tries to track down Ike to work on the Weld tourism video, but Ike is busy "chasing angels."

    Episode 13

    Big Mac reveals his ulterior motive for making the Weld tourism video, causing the citizens to unite against the neighboring town of Stafford. George and Woody can't seem to mend their friendship until Hannah intervenes, and Shay joins Ike on a quest.

    Episode 14

    George's in-laws urge him to get involved with the sentencing of the driver who killed Laura, which puts strain on his relationship with Katie. Shay and Siouxsie pick up a handsome Australian hitchhiker.

    Episode 15

    Still upset after her confrontation with Katie, Shay avoids the Turner household. Poppy faces bullying on social media before the school ball, and the election for president of the New Republic of Weld heats up.

    Episode 16

    George and Fiona confront Big Mac about his plan to change Weld. With Shay going back to school and staying with her father, Katie rents a tiny house-truck, and Poppy's mom comes to visit Woody and Tracey.