365 Reasons To Be Proud To Be English

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  • Tickle yourself and entertain your friends with a year’s worth of nifty historical nougats about the eccentricities, victories, marvels and myths of England. Did you know...? After King Edward II befriended Robin Hood, the reformed outlaw grew so bored at court, he returned to Sherwood Forest on November 22, 1324. Read all about it and discover 364 more memorable anniversaries in each book. Hardcover, 5.25"w x 6.5"h. 224 pages each, illustrated.. Every day contains a unique event in England's long and eventful history, both ancient and recent. However well the UK does in the 2014 World Cup, we can be sure that English pride will be riding higher than ever. So it's time to celebrate Englishness! Take a year-long stroll around the joys of English inventiveness, eccentricity, and fighting spirit with this fascinating collection of stories, anecdotes, and fun. Within these pages you'll find tales of innovative discoveries, historical victories, and iconic sporting successes, one for every day of the year, all of which will make any Englishman or woman beam with pride. It's the perfect gift for English people everywhere.