East West 101: Series 3

  • Episode 1 — The Hero's Standard The sophisticated robbery of an armored-guard van leaves four dead, including some of the robbers themselves. Meanwhile, Malik clashes with the new detective on the squad, former army officer Neil Travis, in his zealous pursuit of those who have hurt him and his family.

    Episode 2 — Heart of Darkness A Somali teenage boy is found viciously beaten to death in a railway tunnel. When the investigation leads Malik and Sonny to a group of white youths, the detectives must determine if the murder was a race crime.

    Episode 3 — Jerusalem As the tension between Malik and Travis intensifies, the mysterious double murder of a Jewish couple in an affluent suburb leaves police baffled, with little evidence to further their investigation.

    Episode 4 — The Transit of Venus Superintendent Patricia Wright becomes personally involved in a case when a young woman is found raped and murdered. The victim was last seen getting into a taxi late at night, and the cab driver in question was charged by Wright many years before in a similar crime.

    Episode 5 — The Price of Salvation Mere Hahunga has problems with her youngest son, Sam, and pleads with Koa to help him. Malik focuses on catching the culprits of the armed robbery, but the gang proves to be elusive and strategic in their movements.

    Episode 6 — Behold a Pale Horse The escalating violence within the city seems to be linked to a drug ring and a massacre in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Malik hopes that a visiting Afghani police officer can assist his investigation.

    Episode 7 — Revelation Two Bosnian youths are shot dead while fishing on Bare Island. When another body is discovered in waters nearby, detectives begin to suspect that the teens may have witnessed the execution of a criminal and were murdered to ensure their silence.