The Vicar of Dibley: The Immaculate Collection

  • Laughter is good for the soul, now fill your soul with this overflowing coffer of comedy. The sleepy little country village of Dibley was blindsided by the arrival of a new vicar for St. Barnabus who had the audacity to be a woman! Over twelve ensuing years, Geraldine - with the help of a sharp wit, a double dose of double entendre, a taste for rock'n' roll and a healthy supply of chocolate - gradually won the hearts of even the crustiest of the church's conservative and eccentric parishioners. Boasting the brilliant comedic writing of Richard Curtis ( Notting Hill, Bridget Jones's Diary) and a gifted ensemble cast led by Dawn French of the hilarious comedy duo French & Saunders, this collection contains every episode and special created for this brilliant award-winning series, plus Comic Relief sketches, making-of featurettes, behind-the- scenes footage, outtakes and more.

    Episode List
    Season 1
    The Arrival
    When Rev. Pottle, the 102-year-old vicar of St Barnabas' Dibley dies, the villagers eagerly await his replacement. To their shock, it turns out to be a woman. However, all the villagers grow to love their new vicar, except David Horton.

    Songs of Praise
    The Songs of Praise team come to Dibley to film in St Barnabas' Church. David is against the idea, and finds a surprise ally in Geraldine. However, she soon falls for the producer Tristan Campbell (played by Peter Capaldi).

    Community Spirit
    Dibley has a fete and Geraldine is adamant about making more than the £270 they made the previous year. So when Alice says she has a second cousin called Reg Dwight (played by Philip Whitchurch), Geraldine invites him thinking he is Elton John. Guest starring Kylie Minogue as herself.

    The Window and the Weather
    A storm hits Dibley, smashing one of the church's large stained glass windows. While they all have problems remembering what the window showed, David points out it will cost £11,000 to replace. The vicar then goes to one of David's rich friends, Daniel Frobisher, and tries to persuade him to donate the money.

    David runs for re-election to the local council, but faces competition when the villagers declare that they want the Vicar to run for election. However, she doesn't want to be a councillor, and agrees not to stand as long as he makes some election promises.

    Alice has a very worrying problem: she worries whether I Can't Believe It's Not Butter might actually be butter! But, far more gravely, as Geraldine becomes quite bemused whilst listening to all this philosophising, a villager drops by who is distraught by the death of her pet. Moved by how much this lady cared for her animal friend, Geraldine decides to hold a special service for all the animals of the village.

    The Easter Bunny
    As Easter comes to Dibley, the council members all give up things for lent; Geraldine gives up chocolate, David tries to be nicer, Hugo has to stop lustful thoughts, Owen has to stop swearing, Letitia has to stop cooking "garbage", Frank has to stop being so precise with the Parish Council Meetings and Jim has to stop saying "No, no, no, no,no" before everything. Later, sadness comes to Dibley as Letitia Cropley dies and Geraldine has to take over as the Dibley Easter Bunny which involves dressing up in a bunny costume.

    The Christmas Lunch Incident
    When Geraldine is invited to three separate Christmas dinners (she is later asked to a fourth), she hasn't the heart to turn them down so she has to go to all three, and on Christmas evening BBC producer Tristan Campbell (played by Peter Capaldi) comes round and asks the Vicar to marry him. Guest starring Orla Brady, Mel Giedroyc and Carol MacReady.

    Season 2
    Catholic Father Peter comes from Ballykissangel in Ireland for a cultural exchange. Geraldine's explanation that her parishioners are normal are sabotaged by Owen, who hates all Catholics and verbally abuses Peter, Alice, dressed as a bee and Hugo, who has been sponsored to add 'Wibble' to his every sentence. Eventually Geraldine settles down to sell Peter kisses for charity when they are rudely interrupted by his girl-friend Assumpta.

    Geraldine is at a loss for an interesting front page story for the parish newsletter. Alice and Hugo are a couple but Alice complains that Hugo has yet to kiss her so Geraldine urges her to take the initiative. As a result the couple are found,lying on a path having a kiss which lasts four hours. They can't stop kissing. Finally Hugo stands up to his hectoring father and announces that he and Alice are engaged to be married,giving the vicar her front page story. She herself,though,manages to talk her way out of Owen's proposal to her.

    Dibley Live
    Geraldine decides that,as an experiment,Dibley should have its own local radio station. Alice is due to interview David but he is rude to her on air so Geraldine devises a quiz,pitting them against each other and,as Alice's questions are all about her family,she wins it. Frank has an hour's slot all to himself but,as he is notoriously boring,nobody listens to it - thereby missing his public confession of coming out as being gay.

    Celebrity Vicar
    Geraldine is invited to talk on the religious radio slot 'Pause For Thought' after the planned speaker has dropped dead. She becomes an instant celebrity,appearing on several popular television shows and the parish council fear that she is distancing herself from them. However she makes amends by performing a comedy dance routine with ballerina Darcey Bussell at the village charity gala,along with Frank's boring impressions and Owen's farting duck,though all are over-shadowed by Jim's Full Monty routine.

    Love and Marriage
    Hugo and Alice are finally married,with two bridesmaids dressed up as Teletubbies. There is a nasty moment when a woman bursts in and accuses the groom of being already married but,not to worry,she's gone to the wrong church and everything else progresses smoothly. For Geraldine there is possible romance in the air as she meets,and steps out with, David Horton's charming younger brother Simon.

    Dawn French...Geraldine Granger (25 episodes, 1994-2013)
    Gary Waldhorn...David Horton (25 episodes, 1994-2013)
    James Fleet...Hugo Horton (25 episodes, 1994-2013)
    Trevor Peacock...Jim Trott (25 episodes, 1994-2013)
    Roger Lloyd Pack...Owen Newitt (25 episodes, 1994-2013)
    Emma Chambers...Alice Tinker / ... (24 episodes, 1994-2007)
    John Bluthal...Frank Pickle (22 episodes, 1994-2013)