Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars (Blu-ray) ONLY 5 REMAINING!

  • Lindsay Duncan joins the Doctor as his cleverest and
    most strong-minded companion yet for the second of
    four Doctor Who Specials…

    Don’t drink the water. Don’t even touch it. Not one

    The Waters of Mars is a dark, scary thriller that sees
    the Doctor land on the planet Mars, at a base in peril.
    A creeping infection beneath the Martian surface
    threatens not only the human race, but also the Doctor’s
    most fundamental beliefs.

    Together with Adelaide Brooke – the base’s
    commander, played by Lindsay Duncan – the Doctor
    must defeat a seemingly unstoppable menace before it
    can reach Earth, and wipe out mankind.

    The Doctor must fight not only the water but destiny
    itself… Whilst also confronting his own existence, the
    prophesy about his future begins to resonate. Is his
    song about to come to an end?